Supergrass - We Still Need More


I don't always rightly know what their singing about, but I can listen to the music of Supergrass for hours. These three Brits (including two brothers) have been around for over a dozen years, much better known on their own turf than here in America. Their funny and surreal video for the catchy, Stones-like Pumping On Your Stereo made an impression, but beyond that, I don't think they've had a hit in the U.S. After years of searching for a song from the Dead Man On Campus soundtrack, I finally discovered it. I haven't seen the movie, and have read the soundtrack collection isn't very good, but I've always liked We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give). It begins with that churchy organ, soon joined with soaring vocal harmonies, a drum rolls in, and we're off for a ride. Good stuff. Glad to hear the song again, thanks to this imeem.com music service, which I hadn't come across before. Though there's a download link, it doesn't seem the song is available at iTunes or amazon.com, so I finally ordered a used copy of the CD for a couple bucks at half.com. Also, Supergrass has a new album out: Diamond Hoo Ha, which returns them to their louder sounds of their earlier days. This is the cover to one of their new singles, Bad Blood, a thumping good rocker.


Learn and hear more of the band at the Supergrass myspace page.

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