TothPix: Zorro Sketches

I grabbed both of these gorgeous Toth Zorro sketches from the Toth Fan Site, but cleaned them up a small bit. Zorro was Toth's favorite hero, I think, and it shows in these sketches. These two are so brilliant, I'm almost at a loss to articulate why and how. Almost.


In this first, Toth strips everything down to it's barest form, but all the details are there, even if vaguely suggested, like the structure of the sword, the buttons on his shirt, the ties of his mask hanging under chin, the belt, the exquisite reflections in the boots, the holster for the sword, and the graceful drapery and flow of the cape. Wow. Couple that with the assured and powerful angles and swaths of black, capturing the character perfectly, along with the playful en garde atop, and lucky Glenn owns a real winner. I'm so jealous.

And as much as I love the first, this next I find even more clever and sophisticated. Toth adds tons of depth and drama as Zorro peers around the corner, the sword poking past the wall, a mirror-image shadow thrown below. And these he balances with all the other angles throughout the piece: the sweep of the cape, the triangle shadow at the base of the wall, the scabbard again poking from below the cape, the diagonal horizon line. Toth has also added grey tone for more depth, the soften the more harsh shapes in semi-shadow and for texture.


Then take in the cock of Zorro's head, the mask, the hat, the ties of the cape, shapes zig-zagging back-and-forth, all adding interest, but again the character and personality of the hero. And Zorro's left foot is raised, weight on his toe as he leans forward, all adding to the suspense, tho we know not what awaits him 'round the corner.


Next week I'll continue with more Zorro - some favorite panels and pages from his superb run for Disney.

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