TothPix: Zorro - Secret Passage

Following the pair of Zorro sketches from last week, here's a sweet page Toth did for Disney/Dell starting in 1957. From Zorro's Secret Passage, the second story in the series, Diego shows his trusty pal, Bernardo the predecessor to the Batcave.

Great bits here are the storytelling, expressions and body language, variety of textures (the embroidery on Diego's jacket, the dry brush on the wooden mantle and stone fireplace, the fine feathering on Bernardo's sleeves and hair, etc), the lighting and patented Toth spotting of shadows and black areas. I scanned this from page 30 of the 1988 Eclipse Books black & white reprint of the series (Vol. 1) for which Toth himself did the tones, as it was originally published in color. One may be able to find used copies of these two volumes, but Image Comics released all in a single volume in 2001, still in print.

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