TothPix: Lines, Dots, Jiggles & Splats

Browsing again through pages this week of Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodle Book, I came across this quote from Toth:

"About original comic book/strip/black and white line art - young or old at examining/enjoy sleuthing-out which lines/dots/jiggles/splats/blobs/streaks/smears/nicks/scrapes/ were accidents - and which were intentional bits of genius-business, done so casually, tho, creating such unique effects, touches - of course we read all kinds of significance into every jot and tittle to express deep worshipful "in-tune-ship" with our pet artist-heroes' art - wrongfully, too, mostly - we fans, of all ages and experience and exposure, are guilty of that sin!"

Well, as I've been challenged recently on that very point in regards to Toth's work, and having to plead guilty per Alex's charge, I hope I'll be forgiven if I still indulge in that very pursuit at this blog. I just can't help it. Toth's work just "does it" for me more than any other and I'll continue to pour over his jots, lines and dots. That said, I'll try to be as discerning as possible, and have a post or two planned to poke at some of Toth's weaknesses (far be it from me, but there you go).

In the meantime, let's Sleuth-Out!

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