TothPix: A Plethora of Posts, A Load of Links

Since starting this blog series on master comics artist, Alex Toth, I've spent some time online seeking out more of his work, and in doing so have come across a host of posts on other blogs, articles and essays on comics web sites and online forums. At the time of Toth's death (2006), the official Toth Fans site (still the best and deepest resource) was really the only game in town, save the rare collector who shared their Toth original art, but since then more and more folks are discovering or sharing love of Toth, scanning and posting entire stories, analysis, or transcribing Toth's notes and annotations on his work. Here are some favorites:

In sussing out more material for my posts on Toth's Zorro, I stumbled upon a review by William R. Hancock at amazon.com, which made reference to a Paul Revere story Toth had drawn just previous to his Zorro work. The panels above are just a taste of the brilliance one will find at John Glenn Taylor's Easily Mused blog, where he makes available the entire patriotic story. Enjoy! I'll be doing a more in-depth analysis of this piece on my blog later.

James Romberger recently posted an insightful article, Cursing the Darkness: The Last Horrors of Alex Toth at The Comics Journal site. And you'll find a new Kubert vs. Toth essay at his The Hooded Utilitarian. Smart, well researched stuff.

The Cloud 109 blog has covered a few Toth stories, including the romance tale, Lonesome For Kisses, focusing on nuances of expression (above). Also featured is analysis of the Kurtzman/Toth war story collaboration, F-86 Sabre Jet (below), complete with a side-by-side comparison of  black & white and color versions of the story. Survival transcribes Toth's annotations on the story for easier reading, and the short Dirty Job is one powerful read. I hope Cloud 109 does more on Toth, and make sure to check out more on one fine blog.

Monte Wilson features a few choice pages, and a couple complete stories, one romance and one war story at his site. And to finish things off, you may want to save some time for the infamous exchange between Toth and Steve Rude, who'd sent the pencils for his Jonny Quest story done for the Comico series. I've provided links to both a forum which includes Toth's hand-written notes, and a cleaner, easier-to-read version, which features responses from Rude. In the end both artists have points, but one wonders if Rude ever regretted asking the infamously curmudgeonly Toth for his assessment?!

With the coming release of Genius, Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth by Bruce Canwell and Dean Mullaney (Dec. 7, 2010), and other similar books, we Toth fans will have plenty to sink our teeth into.

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