The Ultimate Deadwood Cast

My pal, Alex and I were talking about the Emmys, which we barely paid any attention to, but were pleased that a couple of our favorite current shows, Madmen and 30 Rock received the top awards for drama and comedy, respectively. That's good news, not only to see quality rewarded, but for extra exposure to shows that need larger audiences to survive. So, if you're not already, please watch! The flip side, of course, is when certain actors get nominated that make you think of the old Sesame Street song and game, "One of these things is not like the other...." Somehow, that lead us to imagining a different cast for HBO's Deadwood, a list which I've expanded and present to you now, complete with graphics. Perhaps with an altered cast, Deadwood may have lasted beyond it's truncated three seasons. The original cast is on the left, the new, improved cast on the right: Much better! Just imagine these actors in your favorite Deadwood scenes. Now, that's a show I'd watch! Here's a larger version of the ultimate Deadwood cast:

And my favorite cast member and character, Mr. Wu!

Sorry to those Deadwood fans who are used to more graphic language -- this is a family-friendly blog!

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