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Tag: Wacom Cintiq


Sketch: J.K. Simmons

Whether on Law & Order, as the dad in Juno or J. Jonah Jameson in the Spidey movies, or where ever he shows up (the Coens' Ladykillers, Raising Hope, Up in the Air, Thank You for Smoking, Burn After Reading, etc.),  J. K. Simmons is great character actor. He can be funny, serious, scary and warm, all while not appearing to be acting at all. After 4+ years with my Cintiq, I like drawing digitally more and more, this one done completely on the computer.


Sketchbook Month: Spring Has Sprung!

Sure, it was official yesterday, but regardless, Spring is in the air. Here in MN, temps are warming up a tad, and The Melt is upon us, but slowly, steadily so things aren't getting too sloppy. I've always loved frogs, especially their cool, knobby little "fingers." No doubt they had an influence on how I draw fingers on the Trollords. I drew this digitally on the Cintiq, trying a few brushes I hadn't really used before, experimenting. Some are more successful than others...


Bedbugs Lullaby Music Video

The new and latest Bedbugs music video was launched on YouTube today: the Bedbug Lullaby. Check it out at the bedbugsfun YouTube channel, and while there watch the other vids, whether you've seen before or not! Both the rough layout and final art were done digitally, drawn on my Cintiq screen. I roughed up the art a wee bit by adding noise and with a Photoshop chalk brush. While I like it, it's a little too clean - maybe I should've drawn it by hand on pastel paper... I recorded the piano track with the help of my pal, Mark Flora, who also played guitar and did other stuff for my Bedbugs Boogie music video. Then last week, my daughters, Laura and Emily and I headed out to his place with eight helium balloons to record  vocals for the Bedbugs. We took some making of snaps during the session.

With Mark at the recording helm with Logic Express on his Mac, Laura takes in some helium while Emily looks on.

Laura sings, Emily mugs for the camera, awaiting her turn at the mike.

Emily sings, Laura mugs.

All that helium can make one trippy!

Laura at the mike again for another take, stacking vocals.

No idea what goes on here - Laura lunging with a balloon? Like I said: trippy.

Mark and Emily exchange a glance after a job well done.


Fairy Tale Comic - Panel Preview

I'm having a blast with this fairy tale comic book story, collaborating with my old pal, gadfly, raconteur, man-about-town and writer, Professor Len Strazewski. Here's a preview panel in rough layout form, from a story that is one of many in a Fairy Tale Anthology book. More details as I'm able to share.

In this case so far, I've been working all digital, drawing right on my Cintiq screen, then doing the final lettering right away in Adobe Illustrator. I probably won't ink digitally, but will more likely instead blow up pages, printing the roughs/pencils in blue and inking traditionally with a brush. Then it'll be back to the computer for coloring.