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Tag: The Witching Hour


TothPix: Witching Hour - "...Toil and Trouble!"

To wrap up Toth Halloween month, I've cleaned and collected a series of panels & pages from batches of Witching hour issues. These are in no particular order, chosen randomly, which either set the tone for the stories to come, or are great shots of the Three Witches, crone Morded, mother Mildred, maiden Cynthia.

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!


TothPix: Bubble, Bubble...

Kicking off Toth Halloween month are a couple unrelated pages featuring the Three Witches from DC's The Witching Hour. Rather than drawing a full story some issues, Toth did the intros and framing pages between stories, the three witches functioning as hosts and setting the tone for the tales to come...

I'm not sure who designed these three, but Toth's take on them is my favorite - big surprise! The colors above are fun and comic-booky, especially effective with the last panel all black and orange. The writing and Toth's art engage and draw in the reader - it's almost interactive!

From another issue, the page above again sets the tone, with coloring mostly more subdued, the witches' faces and clothing draped in shadow. The composition of this page flows very smoothly, Toth creating interesting black/negative shapes throughout. And it's immediately apparent how distinct the three are from each other, with varied face and body shapes and features. Fun stuff!

More Halloween Toth next week...!