On this Thanksgiving weekend, I want to extend the thanks we gave as a family 'round the dinner table on the holiday itself. So, I want to give thanks:

• ...for my life, especially after hitting that tree while snowmobiling in March.

• ...that I've been healing since both body and mind, with the help and care of my family, the patient and kind attention of many doctors and nurses, and the thoughtful support of my many friends, extended family and relatives.

• ...for my wife, Mary, my cornerstone, without whom I'm not sure what I would have done or how I'd make it through my most desperate and anxious moments. She's been loving and super-patient during my sickness, in ways she couldn't have anticipated even when saying her vows now over twenty years ago. It wasn't the ideal 20th Anniversary, Sweetie, and I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

• ...to my daughters, Laura and Emily, whom I've no doubt given quite a scare. Thanks for all the hugs, kisses and other various subtle and overt expressions of love. You gals make me smile, keep me on my toes, and challenge me to strive to be a better Dad.

• ...that Blue Moon Studios has had enough work to get through a difficult time personally, during rough economic times. What a blessing that Mary and I can work together at home, in studio, drawing away for most of the last twenty-five years. Seriously, we get to draw and color and paint and do what we love for a living! Through all the ups & downs, the roller coaster freelance lifestyle, we consider ourselves fortunate.

• ...that the children's book I've worked at on and off for years, Night of the Bedbugs found a publisher in Image/Silverline. Thanks to Jim Valentino and Kris Simon, and the advice of Alex Grecian, Larry Marder, and once again, my wife, Mary, (who I really should listen to more).

• ...to my creative collaborators, past, present and future, as there is more work to be done, more comics to make.

• ...to all of you readers, fellow artists, fans and friends. Thanks for being here, there and everywhere.