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SpongeMonkey: Dad & Sis

Two more character sketches for my SpongeMonkey story. Sid's Dad and sister, Imogen.

As I continue to write the story, I notice it's changed it's focus a couple times as I honed in on what's it's really about, keeping that clear now in my sights. Knowing the themes, plot and story points informs the character sketches, and vice versa. Imogen had a different name earlier, and certain traits I wanted in the sketch were at odds slightly with how I was writing her. This sketch has altered her character and will change a scene or two, some lines that don't fit anymore.

In just the last week or two: the story has taken more solid shape; I've settled on the look, process and format; and the characters are becoming more whole and complex, both visually and in terms of personality.

What fun!


SpongeMonkey Character Studies

I'm working on this story, see? Doing sketches of the characters in various states. Trying a different, rougher look than my last book. Here are a couple of  the SpongeMonkey in early stages of his development...

And every monkey has his boy...

The story's really coming together now. I figured out the climax last night, I think. This is gonna be fun!


Brainy Monkey

For my next story, SpongeMonkey - a study of a Monkey in his Study.