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Creator of the Marooned long-form webcomic, Tom Dell'Aringa asked me to do an illustration for the collection/graphic novel, which has been successfully funded via Kickstarter. Here's the process on my piece.


I'd hemmed and hawed on the content, layout and style for a while, finally tossing out all my ideas and scribbles at the last minute for a different stylistic take on the Marooned characters. I modeled the alien terrain on The Garden of the Gods, in Colorado, where I spent a week with my my family on vacation in '76, taking some color cues from that area, as well. With a couple green creatures in the piece, I made my stars lean green, for balance. Then, for the last touch, I added four different textures, but I'm not sure you can really tell the diff. I gotta stock up on more textures!

Even if you missed the campaign, copies of the Marooned book may available once Tom has them printed up, and it's off to press as I type. In the meantime, visit to see what else Tom is up to!



TothPix: Space Ghost Comics

I was pleased to discover a few years ago that Toth had drawn a Space Ghost comic book story (TV Stars #3 (1978), all five pages of which I present below. I cleaned up and tweaked the images as best I could - remastered, if you will. Enjoy!

SG_pilgreen01 SG_pilgreen02 SG_pilgreen03 SG_pilgreen04 SG_pilgreen05

Mark Evanier's title is a play on Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, which doesn't have anything to do with the story, really. Funny that while the character is named "Pilgreem" throughout the story, lettered by Toth, near as I can tell, whoever lettered the title (might've also been Toth) misspelled it as "Pilgreen." Whoops!

I love the design and set-up of the splash panel. Jan never looked curvier than in the 1st panel on page 3. There's a gorgeous sweep and flow to the last three panels of page 3, and the first three of page 4. And it'd be great to see the black and white art of the final panel of that same page to better check out the sexy lady alien feeding Buzzard grapes.

All in all, a tasty trifle, and great to see Toth handle these characters in print.

Extra! Space Ghost links, model sheets and video.

Next: The Many Moods of Toth, a gallery of faces and expressions.


Space Kid!

Fan art for a friend (from a flounder) -

Go read John MacLeod's Space Kid! Three complete stories are already up at the webcomics site, so you can catch up and get current with the latest adventure, Barbarians of Mars!


Finn, Jake & Lumpy Space Princess

More Adventure Time sketches, these done while at the MIX show last weekend.

This one I did for a different look with marker and colored pencils on pastel paper...

...and this one with markers, the more traditional look of the show. I know, Lumpy Space Princess has a little crown rather than her forehead star - oh, well! And for some reason I gave Finn a curvy flaming sword.

Once I start drawing these characters, I can't seem to stop or get enough - just like watching the show!


Carina Nebula

No, this post isn't about the latest Romanian Olympic phenom gymnast. It's about time, it's about space...

It's about the most recent photos captured by our pal the Hubble telescope. It gives us...The Carina Nebula!

Striking, colorful, mind-blowing.

Sure, the HubbleSite describes this as...

...the top of a three-light-year-tall pillar of gas and dust that is being eaten away by the brilliant light from nearby bright stars. The pillar is also being pushed apart from within, as infant stars buried inside it fire off jets of gas that can be seen streaming from towering peaks like arrows sailing through the air.

But it looks more to me like some kind of scary, big-bodied, tiny-headed, horned Space Creature conjured up by H. P. Lovecraft or something you'd see in the latest Hellboy movie. More than anything, it reminds me of some of the images Jack Kirby poured forth from his imagination and spilled out for all to see with misaligned and screened color on cheap newsprint.

Only now, we see this real Space Stuff, beyond even what Kirby imagined.