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Tag: snow


Abominable Snowboy

Some Sunday morning Manga Studio sketching... Or should I call him the Adorable Snowboy? Something else...?


Sketchbook Month: Ol' Devil

Winter ain't over yet. Spring was put on hold and us in our place as rain fell all day yesterday here in the Twin Cities, turning to snow last night. So, one day I'm bracing against the wind, holding tight to my umbrella (-ella-ella) and vacuuming water from my basement floor, the next slip-slidin' on treacherous roads and blowin' off the driveway. But it'll warm up soon again, right? And the Easter Bunny will give me a big hug, yes? Right...?


The Snow Lay On the Ground

A view from the studio window, perhaps not an unexpected sight in Minnesota in October. But, perhaps it's time to take in the patio lounges and take down the volleyball net?