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Tag: sketches


Mikes & Julies

Searched the names Mike and Julie, grabbed my Multiliner and sketched faces of a handful of each...



Facial Hair and Folds


In which I borrow from photos and draw with a Pentel Pocket Brush.


Life Drawing in January

I joined my pals, Sean Lynch, Sam Hiti and Peter Wartman for a life drawing session at Sean's place on a Sunday in January. Like Sam said, you're probably gonna have a good session if your model has pink hair! It was real good to blow it out and draw like this for 2.5 hours intensely, and especially from life. I find I prefer this in general to nude models, which is obviously instructive, but practicing clothing folds and natural poses have much more to do with my daily work, both professional and personal.

We met once again since, and I hope to again...perhaps this Sunday?

lifedraw-14_A_purple     lifedraw-14_E lifedraw-14_F   lifedraw-14_H lifedraw-14_I lifedraw-14_J   lifedraw_sam-sean,jpg


Crits and Skrits

With a class of twenty, a full-class, verbal critique takes up too much time, even during a weekly five-hour session. So, I have students write comments on each other's sheets posted up next to their assignments. It takes far less time, and they get more feedback from their peers with each new piece every week.

And during those periods, and studio time, I get a chance to sketch a bit while they work...



Sketching Students and Such

It was mostly a workshop day in class Monday for my Comics students, drawing and fashioning stories for their final project. That gave me time to sketch them as they worked, on my attendance notes. Mr. Drawing Board Belly, bedbugs, Batman and other goons showed up, too - none of whom are my students.



Portrait of Kubrick as a Young Man



Brush Pen Sketch

Took a break from a storyboard gig for BlueCross BlueShield to do this quick sketch while on the phone.


I used a handy Zebra brush pen, absentmindedly doodling from some photo reference for the job. I'm far less interested in capturing a likeness here, and in general, instead gleaning from the photo what I can. I concentrate on simplification, line quality and variation, adding shadow if need be, while trying to convey personality. I'm conscious of what I intend with every line before I make a mark, in a trance-like state - drawing in auto-pilot. It's a cool place to be, and a tightrope walk to some extent. But no big deal if I fall - it's only a quick sketch on a scrap sheet.

Being on the phone for this kinda sketching is perfect to let yourself go a bit, and not over think. I remember what we were talking about specifically while I made certain marks...


Long Night

sketch_santa_longnight_blog Christmas hangover.


Young Santa?

Young Santa? Another digital sketch with the Manga Studio brush. Here's a tight review of the new version of the software by comics auteur and one heckuva teacher, Eric Merced.

I used the same size setting for the brush for this one, limiting myself to that in an attempt to approximate using an actual brush. Of course, I'd have more options with a real brush, being able to push, twist, and tilt it to the side. I just didn't want to be switching brush sizes while drawing, but to execute as quickly and organically as possible. The more I draw with the Manga Studio brush tool, the less I find myself undoing marks as I go. But even when I do, it's quick with my left hand using keyboard shortcuts, and now feels like a natural part of the drawing process. Handy!



Exaggerated from photo reference, drawn with a brush tool in Manga Studio.