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Tag: Sketchbook Month


Crits and Skrits

With a class of twenty, a full-class, verbal critique takes up too much time, even during a weekly five-hour session. So, I have students write comments on each other's sheets posted up next to their assignments. It takes far less time, and they get more feedback from their peers with each new piece every week.

And during those periods, and studio time, I get a chance to sketch a bit while they work...



A Bunch from Sketchbook Month

Some doodles I've done during March as the Saturday Sketch-Day blog has gone daily for a time. Drop in and see what me and my SketchPals have been up to. Esperanza Spalding! If you haven't watched her perform you owe it to yourself to check her out. A couple memory sketches of students...

Elongated Archibald Leach at the piano from The Awful Truth -

This lady's neck was even longer in the photo from which I worked.


Sketchbook Month: Play Ball!

Forever and always my favorite baseball player, Johnny Bench. I can't believe the season has started... PLAY BALL! And thanks to Cedric & Jennie Hohnstadt for a great idea and all their work in putting together Sketchbook Month. I had a blast! I've been sketching since I was a kid, a lot this month, and will continue for the rest of my life. Stop in at this blog for more in the future, and check out past doodles in the Sketchbook category here, or in my Facebook Photos.  


Sketchbook Month: Grimace

Penciled the old-fashioned way on a drawing board scrap, and a color version, done digitally.


Sketchbook Month: The Bug on the Hill

One last Bedbugs sketch before the month is over. Done in marker on bristol, and yes, it's another Beatles reference.


Sketchbook Month: Rug Rat Rage

Whether toddler, teen or adult, we all have those days...


Sketchbook Month: Friday Fun!

Goofin' with characters known and unknown... Read a Picklehead and Olive strip at Blue Moon Toons if you missed it in Big Funny. One last weekend breather now before we finish Sketchbook Month with a flourish!


Sketchbook Month: Ol' Devil

Winter ain't over yet. Spring was put on hold and us in our place as rain fell all day yesterday here in the Twin Cities, turning to snow last night. So, one day I'm bracing against the wind, holding tight to my umbrella (-ella-ella) and vacuuming water from my basement floor, the next slip-slidin' on treacherous roads and blowin' off the driveway. But it'll warm up soon again, right? And the Easter Bunny will give me a big hug, yes? Right...?


Sketchbook Month: Baby & Bunny Hug

Still in the Spring theme for another entry for Sketchbook Month. This one was drawn digitally on the Cintiq again, but with a different pencil/brush than I usually use. I'm pretty sure I'll ink and color this one up for Easter.


Sketchbook Month: Spring Has Sprung!

Sure, it was official yesterday, but regardless, Spring is in the air. Here in MN, temps are warming up a tad, and The Melt is upon us, but slowly, steadily so things aren't getting too sloppy. I've always loved frogs, especially their cool, knobby little "fingers." No doubt they had an influence on how I draw fingers on the Trollords. I drew this digitally on the Cintiq, trying a few brushes I hadn't really used before, experimenting. Some are more successful than others...