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Art Students at Work

The latest class was a workshop day - no lectures, demos, guest speakers or in-depth critiques. That leaves less for the teacher to do. Luckily, I had my trusty Pentel Pocket Brush and some marker paper, so was able to sketch some artists at work.

Sure, a good amount of what artists do is drawing, but so much - especially in early stages of the creative process - is the hard brain work of writing and/or planning. Considered and refined are characters, design, composition, layout. Stories are tossed, creative lovelies are snuffed out, the work takes shape as decisions are made, new paths discovered and forged.

Every artist is not only in the process of honing their skills and craft, settling in on their style, but are in the act of creating themselves. Call it exploration, expression, self-actualization. These presentations and personae are experimented with, some discarded for a new look, sometimes they fit like a glove and least for a time.

Each artist gets comfy with how they like to work: tools, environment, trappings, habits and posture. Most have a tendency to get their noses right down there into the work. I know I do.

Students nowadays come equipped with their own laptop and headphones. They're plugged in to keep inspired and entertained, to research conceptually and visually. Alongside the traditional tools of brush & ink, pencils and a sketchbook is a tangle of cords, and a slick screen.

A relaxed posture can belie a confused creative mind. Those somewhat scruffy-lookin' can have the most ordered thoughts and/or work spaces. Some that appear more together can be most disorganized or work away amidst chaos. I've been all of these and more.

Drawing/writing/creating is part what we see, part what we know. We observe the people and world around us, filter it through our selves, our personality and sensibilities to capture truth, perhaps create new worlds. We explore, test an idea there, make a mark here, feeling things out tentatively, striking out boldly in an effort to convey and connect.


Blind Ghost

The Alphabeasts project has run its course, but I'm catching up and completing the series after the fact. Something had to give the last six weeks, and it wasn't gonna be me! In case it ain't obvious, Te-no-me is the ghost of a blind man, with his eyes on his hands.




April's Fool

"The world is full of fools; and he who would not wish to see one, must not only shut himself up alone, but must also break his looking-glass." ~ Bioleau ~


Buster Squared

A couple drawings of my favorite silent film star/filmmaker, period: Buster Keaton.

Both were drawn in Manga Studio, the first without any rough or underdrawing.


Brute: In Stages

I sketched up and inked this brute in Manga Studio, then added a textured background and colored with the Chalk brush. On that rocky surface, he seems pretty solid.



I've been taking stabs at capturing actress Paulette Goddard for many, many years, and have yet to do her justice. Difficult and elusive to catch her personality, that light in her eye and sparkle in her smile...but I'll have fun continuing to try....


Goon Doodle

Quick sketch of a surprised/frightened goon. Took maybe a minute. Drawn with the Chisel Tip Pen in Sketchbook Pro.


TothPix: Young Samson

young Samson 'Nuff said.


Grampa Fisheye

Drawn with Manga Studio, no pencils... from this photo... The idea of working from reference is to not copy directly, but make a few changes, add and delete. Augment, exaggerate, make it your own. Tomorrow: Taking the drawing challenge/exercise one step further....