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Tag: sketch


Kat Scratchings

I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist the other night. Liked it. It's basically a teen flick, but it handles the characters in thoughtful and subtle ways. Most of the weight it may have is driven by the performances of the two leads, Michael Cera (who's great in everything in which I've ever seen him) and Kat Dennings, with whom I was unfamiliar. I was quite taken with her, so that explains this sketch. She's got a nice quality.

I also appreciate the nod in the title to the names another famous screen duo, from another time.


Don't Worry, Be Happy

Back to sketching old ladies again today, and threw some color on one version.


Old Lady Nose Ring


9/11: Never Forget


Here Comes the Grump


Old Man Gums


Alien Caveman

Since my high school days, my sketchbooks are filled with weirdos like this guy. Something about his eyes says "alien" to me, and he's a little froggy, too. A purple tint felt right.


Chaw Coach

Just a quick sketch of a first base coach I made while relaxing a bit watching a Cubs/Tigers interleague game last night.


Con Sketch: Obi Wan

Another sketch I'll have with me at the comicon in Kansas next weekend:

I haven't watched any Star Wars in several months, but seem to have New Hope on the brain when it comes to sketches.


Pol Sketch