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Conan On The Brain


Five minutes, Manga Studio brush.


Sketching Conan During Class

While students are working on their final projects, noses down, I've plenty of time to sketch. Here's just some from yesterday...



Lynch Sketching

My buddy, artist Sean Lynch dropped by my Intro to Comics class for a Q & A and workshop. We had a great time talking Story, Comics and Storytelling. While he worked with students I had a quick chance to sketch up this profile portrait.



Life Drawing in January

I joined my pals, Sean Lynch, Sam Hiti and Peter Wartman for a life drawing session at Sean's place on a Sunday in January. Like Sam said, you're probably gonna have a good session if your model has pink hair! It was real good to blow it out and draw like this for 2.5 hours intensely, and especially from life. I find I prefer this in general to nude models, which is obviously instructive, but practicing clothing folds and natural poses have much more to do with my daily work, both professional and personal.

We met once again since, and I hope to again...perhaps this Sunday?

lifedraw-14_A_purple     lifedraw-14_E lifedraw-14_F   lifedraw-14_H lifedraw-14_I lifedraw-14_J   lifedraw_sam-sean,jpg


Crits and Skrits

With a class of twenty, a full-class, verbal critique takes up too much time, even during a weekly five-hour session. So, I have students write comments on each other's sheets posted up next to their assignments. It takes far less time, and they get more feedback from their peers with each new piece every week.

And during those periods, and studio time, I get a chance to sketch a bit while they work...



What a Crockett


Crockett Johnson portrait. Five minutes in Manga Studio.


75-Second Goon




For my sketch warm-ups in Manga Studio today, I was going for simplification and an expressive line. All based on photos, I changed bits, enhancing features I wanted to play up, and removing/replacing elements I didn't care for. There's a limit to what one can learn from just copying photos.



R.I.P. Dutch

Elmore Leonard

Mr. Leonard’s Writing Advice:

• Never open a book with weather • Avoid prologues • Never use a verb other than “said” to carry dialogue • Never use an adverb to modify the verb “said” • Keep your exclamation points ­under control • Never use the words “suddenly” or “all hell broke loose” • Use regional dialect, patois, sparingly • Avoid detailed descriptions of characters • Don’t go into great detail describing places and things • Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip

In his name, go forth and write.


Primal Scream 6

primal_scream_06 Another in my Primal Scream series. This one - done with brush pen, dry marker, grease pencil, white pencil.