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Tag: Silverline Books


Fractured Fables Preview

Here's a color frame (sans dialogue) from a Fractured Fables seven-page comic we're finishing this week. Image Comics/Silverline Books recently announced there will be a 32-page preview comic available for Free Comic Book Day, a primer for the larger anthology book due this Summer. I collaborated on the story with ol' pal, Len Strazewski, and am tag-teaming on the coloring with my wife, Mary, who's carrying most of the load in that regard. Our story won't appear in the free comic, but a sampling of the handful of other fine contributions that will can be viewed at this Fractured Fables article. I posted pencils to another panel from the comic on this blog previously. Now, I betcha can't guess which fairy tale we're retooling?


Bedbugs Book in Hand

It's been a long time coming, from my point of view, but it was a thrill to receive earlier this week my comp copies of my new children's book, Night of the Bedbugs.

Nothing can match the experience of seeing the first copies of Trollords #1 roll off the presses in 1986, but this is close, and special in another way. With my first self published comic, my Tru Studios pal and partner, Scott Beaderstadt at my side, we were together realizing a dream at the ripe age of 22. It was all so new, we couldn't believe it was happening. It was like a first love.

But now after twenty-five years of seeing my work in print and on line, used in a variety of ways, I'm used to it. The thrill isn't gone, but it's not the same. Because this book is near and dear to my heart, because it's all my own, I expected to be more excited when I opened the box and saw hardcover copies for the first time.

To get this book printed and out, I needed to clear a series of hurdles: I was elated when Silverline said yes to publishing it, and so quickly; finishing it was a creative challenge and is a personal achievement; holding the book in my hands is a Big Deal. But I think what I'm eager for is for kids and parents to read it. I can't wait for reactions to the book and to meet Bedbugs fans in person at signings and readings, at libraries, schoolrooms and bookstores.

I was hoping the book would be in readers' hands by this Christmas, but despite my and Silverline's best efforts, I'm not sure when it'll show up in comics shops, and though lists the release date as Dec. 29, those who order are more likely to receive their copies between January 4-8.

I hope everyone will find it worth the wait.

In the meantime, check out previews at the Silverline Books site, print out and play with the Bedbugs activity pages, watch the Bedbugs Boogie Music Video, and become a fan of Bedbugs at Facebook for a chance to win a Bedbugs prize package.

The book will be available to everyone soon, and more stuff is on the way!


Bedbugs Boogie!

The Bedbugs Boogie Music Video, the first of a few songs and trailers supporting my children's book, Night of the Bedbugs.


Night of the Bebdugs Book

My children's book, Night of the Bedbugs is now available for pre-order. With a release date in early December, 2009 from Image/Silverline Books. You can pre-order now from our store, or from the Diamond Distributor catalog at your local comic book shop. The book will be available in bookstores March, 2010. I'll be at the MN Fall Convention today and Sunday, doing Bedbugs and other sketches, and will have Bedbugs shirts, marbles, buttons and mini-comics at the ready. Ask me to juggle Bedbugs beanbags and I'll do a little show! To keep up on further Bedbugs news, become a fan of Bedbugs on Facebook.