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Tag: Sculpey


eMinis Sculpture: M is for Mermaid

Emily's Alphabeast this week is a sculpey Mermaid, done on her 12th birthday!

Don't forget to visit her eMinis etsy shop for turtles, doughnut earrings, aliens and Jake the Dog.

Alphabeasts is a 26-week project, a blog where artists of all types and stripes contribute a mythical beastie any old way that suits them, as long as it's a new drawing or sketch of a creature whose name begins with the letter for that week. Check out a cornucopia of crazy creatures by an amazing array of artists at the Alphabeasts archive, and be sure to check in every Monday.


Handmade Christmas Figurines and Ornaments

Our daughter, Laura made these figurines and ornaments using Sculpy, as gifts for friends and family. Look closely and you may recognize a familiar little character!