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Long Night

sketch_santa_longnight_blog Christmas hangover.


Young Santa?

Young Santa? Another digital sketch with the Manga Studio brush. Here's a tight review of the new version of the software by comics auteur and one heckuva teacher, Eric Merced.

I used the same size setting for the brush for this one, limiting myself to that in an attempt to approximate using an actual brush. Of course, I'd have more options with a real brush, being able to push, twist, and tilt it to the side. I just didn't want to be switching brush sizes while drawing, but to execute as quickly and organically as possible. The more I draw with the Manga Studio brush tool, the less I find myself undoing marks as I go. But even when I do, it's quick with my left hand using keyboard shortcuts, and now feels like a natural part of the drawing process. Handy!


Christmas Deadlines


I know - not so cheery. Just an image/idea that came to me, though I'm not particularly feeling Christmas stress this year - I can't afford to.  C'mon, even Santa has to take the edge off as the Dreaded Deadline Doom looms....

With a lot of my drawings lately I've planned them for color, but sometimes like the black & white art better. Not so with this one. It works all right, but seems way too busy to me. The dramatic, muted flat color helps simplify the piece some. It began simpler, with a very rough pencil, leaving much of the drawing again left for the inking stage. As I drew, I added detail and busy-ness - too much, as I said.


Another Santa


I've drawn so many Santas over the years, I try to take the opportunity to mix it up by using different styles with the character, as long as it's appropriate for each job. I can't recall for whom I did this particular illustration. Tough to keep track!  Looks like he's holding what was a credit card.  Who ever heard of Christmas being commercialized?!


Extraterrestrial Christmas

Alien Christmas

An illustration from our Christmas card circa the end of the last millenium. Aliens like presents, too.