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Tag: quisp


Extra Quispy

My Facebook pal, David Reddick posted today his version of that old cartoon and cereal favorite - Quisp! So I opened up Sketchbook Pro and took my stab at the looney little spaceman: I still have plenty to learn with that program, but this tutorial by Where the Rainbow Ends author, Carsten Bradley has helped me get a bit more on the right track.


Quisp is Best

One of the robots I posted yesterday reminded me of the Quaker cereal character, Quisp. He's not a robot, but an alien. Always marketed alongside his rival, Quake, they apparently had a competition from 1970-1972, played out over several commercials, and Quisp won, hands down. Quake was always such a big doofus lunkhead. The weird little extraterrestrial's cereal was better, too, though nothing more than sugar. Here's a sample commercial: By the late '70s, Quisp cereal was discontinued, but has since made a comeback, though with limited distribution. The cartoon at the official Quisp site is well done, put together by John Kricsfalusi and the fine folks at Spumco that brought you Ren & Stimpy. Towards the end, implied reference is made to Qusip's earlier Cereal Wars with Quake. Done with flash, it looks a lot cleaner than those early commercials. Those done in the '60s & '70s hold a certain charm, though, the animation done the old-fashioned way. Quisp's voice evokes a Jerry lewis vibe, something played up in the more recent Spumco online ad. There's another influence in the earlier voice, too, though I can't quite place it? Reminiscent of Wally's Cox's Underdog voicing? That's not it. Anyone? Quisp was created by Jay Ward and Bill Scott, the team responsible for Rocky & Bullwinkle. I found a few toys available at ebay and elsewhere online. He's a cute little guy, and apparently, a baseball fan, too. quisp01.jpg