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Bigfoot Beside Himself, or...Primal Pissed PROOF

Pulling out the stops for one bent-out-of-shape Bigfoot, yet another sketch for the upcoming Kansas comicon.


Kansas FreeCon Podcast Interview

Via iTunes or an mp3 stream or download, you can now listen to me flap my gums in a recent interview for the Kansas Free State FreeCon.

Con director and podcast host, Craig Klotz puts together an engaging and informative show. It was a blast to kibitz with him on my comics career, early and upcoming projects and all goings-on here at Blue Moon Studios. Leading off that episode (#8) is a two-fer interview with Proof creators  Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo, so my interview rounds out about an hour of fun chat about comics and pop culture. Craig and I especially had a great time discovering we share the same favorite Dr. Suess book -- it may not be one you'd guess. Give it a listen, and other episodes which feature fellow guests, like Ande Parks who'll be appearing at the show May 16 in Lawrence, Kansas.


Con Sketches: Proof and the Dover Demon

I'll be appearing at the Free State FreeCon in Lawrence, Kansas Saturday, May 16. As the name suggests, admission is indeed free, so plan to attend if you're in the area. Other than the local shows held here in the Twin Cities, this will be the first comic convention I'll be at in over a decade, since I'm doing more work in comics and books of late. In preparation, I'm doing a few sketches that I'll have for sale at the show. Here are a couple, featuring a few characters from the Image comic, Proof:

I'll be doing more if I've time, and will also have comics and a plethora of Bebdugs parephenalia. Come watch me juggle cute little Bebdugs!


Golem Sketches

I did a couple quick character studies over the weekend of Joseph the Golem for my next short story for the comic book, Proof. Don't forget to pickup Proof #16 which features my 7-pg. story, Lodged.


PROOF Short Story: Lodged

Last month I completed my seven-page story for the Image comic, Proof. It's called Lodged, to appear in issue 16, on the stands in just a couple weeks, January 28.

The covers to issues 16 and 18  by artist Riley Rossmo.

Stop by your local comics shop to pick up a copy with my first comic book work in over a decade. Or, order a copy online at, though it'll probably arrive in your mailbox about a week later. Proof's a great book, Proof being Bigfoot in a suit, and it's a super time to hop aboard if you've missed it so far. The first two volumes set up the series characters and conflicts, and issue 17 will begin the fourth story arc which delves into Proof's intriguing past. Read my previous Proof posts here.

Come on, if you're not already, read Proof. You don't want to disappoint the ink monkey.


Who Needs Proof?

I've been reading more comics again of late. I went to a comic book shop last week for the first time in over a year, and picked up PROOF #2 (from Image Comics), which is written by a friend of mine, Alex Grecian. I've seen it in some form or another over the last year and a half, from the earliest pages, pre-publication. But it's quite another thing thing to see it all printed, and so nicely, at that. This is one fine book. proof.jpg PROOF is John Prufrock, otherwise known as Bigfoot. He works for The Lodge, an underground U.S./Canadian cooperative which protects mammals and other weird creatures from each other. In this first story arc, "Goatsucker," the reader follows rookie Lodge agent, Ginger Brown as she meets her new large, hairy partner, as well as other members of the lodge, including faeries, jackalopes and dodos. They team up in their inital case here to deal with the goatsucker itself, Chupacabra, or Mexican Bigfoot. This comic is creepy, humorous, thoughtful, and tons of fun to read and look at. Grecian and artist and co-creator Riley Rossmo are enthusiastic collaborators, giving readers plenty of bang for the buck. The stories and characters and the world they inhabit are dense and well thought out. The art is unique, rough, experimental, and pulls you in. A myriad of facts, asides and musings are interspersed throughout in the form of pop-up Cryptoids, a clever device that adds depth and insight, slowing the pace down nicely to avoid a too-quick read. If that weren't enough, each issue features a back-up that's integral to story, and there are many pages of articles, essays and letters to round things out. Rossmo's art is lively and organic. Though stylistically different, he reminds one of a young Paul Pope, experimenting from one style to the next, not letting anything slow him down. Energetic and prolific, he makes this fellow artist jealous. As for the writing, Grecian knows what he's doing. These two together are passionate about PROOF, are well ahead in terms of production and are ready for the long haul. A great thing about this book is that one can read it lightly and just for fun, and it works well in that vein. But if one wants to dig deeper, there's a lot going on under the surface that become more clear upon multiple reads. For example, let's examine Prufrock's name. Taking its cue from an early T.S. Eliot poem, we find that character feeling alienated and disappointed with the society in which he lives. No doubt our Bigfoot hero feels like he doesn't fit in. He may be a mammal, but not one of us, so provides a no-longer-missing link between humans and the other creatures you'll find in this fascinating world. There's a bunch more I could write about, but the highest compliment I can pay these guys is that for the first time in a few years, PROOF has me eagerly awaiting a monthly comic as its released. I've read issue #3 and could easily request more in advance from Alex directly, but I want to go on the ride with everyone else. So I've subscribed through It's totally worth it. You want proof? Pick up the comic, too. Third issue is due December 27th.