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Tag: pig


Cheese Pig


My wife called me a cheese pig the other night. I kept nibbling Co-jack as we prepped for dinner. She was so mad! Cheese doesn't last long in this house with me. Cheese Pig! I really can't disagree.

Update: Just thought of some parody lyrics...

Cheese Pigs are made of cheese
Who am I to disagree
We travel Wisconsin, France and Germany
Everybody's looking for some cheese

Cheddar cheese wants to bemuse you
Camembert wants to be smoothed by you
Feta cheese will always abuse you
Colby cheese tends to make you snooze

Eat your cheese up, chew your cheese up, bindin' up

Cheese Pigs are made of cheese...


Famous Dave's Christmas

From a few years ago, here's a Christmas card I did for Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que restaurants.

I pulled this out of the archives since I've drawing more of Wilbur the Pig again lately, though he doesn't usually have wings.