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Tag: photoshop


Music Video Art: Creative Process

Here's one way I create my art and comics:

HRR_CLee_garage_process For this series, I did all the roughs and layouts in Photoshop. I move those into Manga Studio, where I tighten the pencils (if need be - this one didn't) and jump into the line art. Inking in Manga Studio allows me to work quickly and loosely - I just undo strokes I don't like, and try again. I export the line to Illustrator, Live Trace it and color away! Doing the final art as vector allows me to re-size as needed without any loss in resolution - if I want to do a large poster of any of these at a later date, it'll be no sweat.

Maybe that seems like a lot of bouncing around from program to program, but many times I'll pencil in Manga Studio, and color in Photoshop. Whatever the needs of the project, I'll do, and this process is still much faster than the time consumimg process I've used for traditional pencils and inks.

This one of about fifty pieces needed for a music video I'm working on. Some frames are less involved, some more. I'm more than half-way through, and I can't wait for you to watch the video!

In the meantime, check out song samples, or maybe pick up the Holy Rocka Rollaz CD pack - C'mon And Shine On!



After posting yesterday about enjoying sketching subjects other than superheroes, I got a sudden hankering to draw that crusty ol' Spidey villain, The Vulture.

I drew him up in Manga Studio and colored in Photoshop. Drop in at the Saturday Sketch Day blog to see the inks (click image there for larger view), as well as the weekly drawings of my Creative Compadres.


Google+ Artist Sketch Challenge

Where the Rainbow Ends creator Carsten Bradley kicked off this daily Artist Sketch Challenge on Google+ this week, tossing out one-of-a-kind weird and wacky themes for artists to go crazy with. I was so busy with work and family I didn't get to my two entries til Friday/Saturday, but gosh, they were fun to do!

From Cartoon Characters as Sea Creatures.


From Unsuccessful Monster Cereals.

I'm stumbling my way through learning  demo versions of Manga Studio and Sketchbook Pro the last ten days, still getting my bearings. I drew both of these in Manga Studio, but colored them in Photoshop, where I'm yet more comfy and familiar.

I'll be joining in the daily challenge as time allows and inspiration dictates. Carsten has a doozy of an idea for Monday he announced Saturday morning, so there should be plenty of offerings awaiting us all Monday morn. My take on it came to me in minutes.

Check in to view the funny and clever drawings, or if you're so inclined jump in and do some yourself! It's easy - just Circle Carsten, post your drawing on your G+ page/album, adding +Carsten Bradley to your text and he'll add your entry to the blog. C'mon - the more the merrier!