Getting in the Christmas Mood

Last year this time I wrote a comprehensive post of my Christmas favorites. Adding to the list this year are a couple books: Auggie Wren's Christmas Story by Paul Auster is a short and simple little ditty, and quietly moving. The book is a nice package with a cool cover and illustrations inside, but a tad pricey at $15, so I'd try picking up a used copy, or read it for free online at the link above. Larry Marder's Beanworld just last week made its first appearance in print in more than a decade with a full color holiday special. For long-time fans, this book will whet the appetite 'til Beanworld makes a big return in 2009 with two big books: the first reprinting early material; the second of all new stuff! For new readers, it will serve as a great intro, as this Beanworld review makes clear. I ordered several copies to give as gifts, but have not yet read it. I'll post an update here later.

I've added some songs to my iTunes Christmas playlist, but my favorite is a new song by Florapop, Watchin' it Snow, which can you can listen to at the new Florapop MySpace page. This is just the first taste of a planned Christmas album for next year. Mark Flora and I are already planning the art for it, which I've done for previous albums, like Sunshine Saturday. Happy Christmas!