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Tag: Night of the Bedbugs


September is Bedbugs Awareness Month!

Cute, cartoony Bedbugs from my Night of the Bedbugs kid's book, that is! Spread Bedbugs Awareness: • Email us your mailing address and receive a FREE color Bedbugs sketch (approx 3"x5") and tattoo. (If you have more than one child, please send names). bedbugsmonth@bedbugsmania.comSHARE with a friend to qualify for a larger Bedbugs sketch or signed book. Have your friend follow step 1 (above) and make sure they mention "(Your Name) sent me!" • Write and post a review of the book at your blog or Send us a link to qualify for a larger Bedbugs sketch or signed book. • Post a link at your site to with the official Bedbugs ribbon image. • Give someone a Bedbug Hug! Below is a smaller image of the official Bedbugs Awareness ribbon:


FREE Bedbugs mini-sketch & temporary tattoo

A Facebook friend commented on one of my blog posts this week, and I noticed he had a small boy, so asked for his address and sent this small Bedbugs sketch and a temporary Bedbugs tattoo. I'll do the same for you if you send a photo of your child with their copy of Night of the Bedbugs, comment on the Blue Moon Studios blog or send me a link to a review of  my Bedbugs book at Alert me at Of course, new and long time Bedbugs fans have a chance to win a larger sketch and prize package when you LIKE the Bedbugs Facebook Fan Page. Spread the word!


Bedbugs Hit The Road

Midwest fans of comics, kid's books, Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones cartoons: Stop by and see me in Madison or near Chicago the first weekend of April, and bring the kids for tons of Bedbugs Fun!

Inside Westfield Comics; Madison, Wisconsin

I'll be at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI Saturday, April 2 and Keith's Komix in Schaumburg, IL on Sunday, April 3 leading a Cartooning Workshop for kids, reading and signing my Night of the Bedbugs children's book, juggling, showing music videos and more. Click the links for more info.

Keith at Keith's Komix; Schaumburg, Illinois

Besides books, I'll have Bedbugs tees, sketches, buttons, marbles, tattoos, as well as the assorted superhero, comic book or Trollords sketches. See you here or there!


Bedbugs at Wild Rumpus!

The Bedbugs and I hung out with lotsa kids at a premiere Minneapolis book store on Saturday, March 5: Wild Rumpus. We watched Bedbugs music videos, I juggled Bedbugs beanbags/stuffed toys, we drew together during my cartooning workshop, we sang the Bedbugs Lullaby, and afterward I signed books and sketched. What a great place! It was busy and bustling with parents, kids and animals, and there's plenty to take in and look at. Make sure you make a visit soon or when next in town.

Professor Fricke conducts the cartooning workshop.

Jugglin' 'Bugs!

A view of the crowd and shop from behind the easel.

The Wild Rumpus ceiling, as startling and creative as the rest of the store - a surprise around every corner, wherever one looks!


Sketchbook Month: And Your Bug Can Sing!

This Bedbugs sketch and many other will be available for purchase at the Wild Rumpus event tomorrow, Saturday, March 5 at 1 PM. Bring the kids for storytime as I read my Night of the Bedbugs (ages 2-10), juggle a bit, and teach the kids how to draw expressions and create their own characters in a cartoon workshop. I'll also debut a new Bedbugs music video, and we'll do a sing-a-long. Wild Rumpus will have the books for sale, and I'll have other Bedbugs stuff: buttons, kid's tattoos, ABC mini-comics and marbles. Sketches of another kind beginning Monday, as Sketchbook Month continues...  


Sketchbook Month: Goodnight, Bebdug!

The girl-with-no-name with Buster Bug McGee, from Night of the Bedbugs, in another Bedbugs sketch. Another on the morrow...


Sketchbook Month: Bedbug Lullaby Title Card

Friend and fellow illustrator, Cedric Hohnstadt has pronounced March, 2011 to be Sketchbook Month. So, I'll be joining the throng of artists in posting a new sketch each week day all month.

This first is a quick layout rough of a title card for a Bedbugs Lullaby music video I'm completing this week to debut Saturday.

I'm not sure whether I'll be executing the final art digitally and adding pastel or other effects, or drawing traditionally. Either way, I'll post that art here this weekend. I recorded a couple weeks back the lullaby I wrote, my daughters and I recording helium-induced Bedbugs vocals last Saturday. The video edit is coming along very well. I can't wait for everyone to see it!

Drop by the blog tomorrow for another sketch...


Night of the Bedbugs on iPad, iPhone & iTouch

Although we all like the feel of a book in hands, and there's nothing like a nice hardcover book for kids, digital books and comics are not only probably the way of the future, they're already here. And my Night of the Bedbugs childrens book is catching that wave, thanks to Image Comics and the fine folks at Comixology.

Available as of today for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch for only two bucks.


Minnesota FallCon 2010

I had a blast at the one-day FallCon Saturday, doing sketches, selling Bedbugs books & stuff, and hanging with my daughter, Emily, who sold out of her famous Funky Munky Kookies (over 180 cookies)! The hall was jam-packed and hopping from 10-4!

As usual, we caught up a bit with ol' pals both from the Twin Cities and out of town, sitting next to and chatting up Zander Cannon, Cedric Hohnstadt, Cory Carani, ol' Trollords collaborator Scott Beaderstadt and Keith Anderson (owner of Chicagoland Keith's Comics).

It was a pleasure to meet and talk with long-time animator, Joel Seibel, who's worked on Spider-Man, Smurfs, Angry Beavers, Pinky & the Brain, Scooby Doo and way too many cartoons to mention. Later in the day, Joel gave a bunch of young artists a cartooning lesson.

We met a lot of fine and fun folks, among them kids in costumes:

Supergirl Anna

Robin & his sidekick, Batman

View more pics at my Facebook page and even more at the official MCBA page. And start making plans to attend the 2-day show in May, 2011 to be held again in the MN Fairgrounds Grandstand. The best, good ol' fashioned comics shows on the planet!


Bedbugs Sketches/Prize Packages

The more people who LIKE the Bedbugs Facebook page, the more prize packages I send out. The prize now includes a 7" x 7" color Bedbugs sketch and a Bedbugs button of your choice. Two prizes are awarded every 50 new people, the first to one from the latest 50, the other to another lucky winner who's been aboard from the beginning. Below are a few of the latest sketches sent to winners...

So go sign up if you haven't already, and/or spread the word! More cool Bedbugs stuff is in the works, so the packages will be changing soon, to include some nifty things. And don't forget to visit the Bedbugs web site for free games, music videos, desktop wallpaper, and more!