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Tag: New Year's Baby


It's On!

newyear08.jpg I couldn't do it. I couldn't let yesterday's rough and tumble pessimism set the wrong tone for the new year now upon us. I'm generally an optimistic sort, so this little cheerful retro baby is more my style. 2007 got a bad rap, I think. For all the sturm und drang, things were not as bad as they may have seemed. There's a general unease in the zeitgeist (what's with all the German references today? -- 100% German Boy, that's why!), and no doubt for good reason, but if we can manage to step out of the eye of the hurricane and get a little perspective, maybe we can appreciate better how blessed we are. Here's hoping! And so a splendid New Year to you.


Buckle Up, It's Going to be a Bumpy Year

I've got a feeling it just might be an even rougher ride for the world in '08. We're going to need a tuff little New Year's Baby who'll be ready to throw down and get his freak on. Think he looks up to the task? Let's hope....


Howl at the moon tonight, take a good whack at a SpongeBob piñata and let the silly string fly. Blow it all out then steel yourself for what's to come. Happy New Year from the Blue Moon Crew!