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Tag: nepali


Nepali Boy: Roughs to Inks

I haven't been sketching for its own sake the last couple weeks, obsessed instead with finishing the 15-page first chapter of my Méto the Abominable Snowboy comic. It's all drawn in Manga Studio. I skip the pencil step, drawing/inking from roughs. I love this process, as I can undo a stroke quickly and try again, leading to loose and expressive line work. No Wite-Out needed, either - I can just erase the ink on my Magic Drawing Glass!


Character Sketch: Nepali Boy

The initial sketch of an integral character for a new comic I'm developing: If it weren't for my daughter asking me what she should sketch (she didn't take my suggestion - so I drew it), Manga Studio and the influence of some comics by French artists (published by First: Second) this li'l guy wouldn't exist. I like him. Someday I'll tell you his name, who his pals are.