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Snowboy Bookmark and Art Print

Having launched the Méto the Snowboy webcomic at Blue Moon Toons in late February, and as I gear up to move into the next chapters of the long form story/graphic novel, I've whipped up some extra goodies for fans of our baby yeti. These bookmarks will be free to those I meet at signings and conventions, and included in packages to those who order books, original art or prints at Blue Moon Doodads -


And these extra large Snowboy art prints will be available soon!


Both of these pieces spring from a page from Méto chapter 1: Pick-Up Sticks. For the story, I needed Méto to get from point A to point B, while in his own little world, distracted, only to bump into the little boy from Nepal, Jyoti. This sequence never would have materialized had I not been writing Snowboy visually. I'd kind of always thought I had to write with a script or notes at least dialogue - even if for myself and even for comics. And for certain comics projects I still do. But Snowboy always starts visually. It's been a revelation and creatively freeing.



My initial take on the color for this page was to knock Snowboy out in a purple, but out of context some folks took it literally and thought Méto to actually be purple. Whoops! Hence, the revised version, below, which obviously informed the bookmark and print.



Old Man Wrinkles

I took liberties with the likeness, but it's based on a photo I came across in my research on Nepal.


Nepali Boy: Roughs to Inks

I haven't been sketching for its own sake the last couple weeks, obsessed instead with finishing the 15-page first chapter of my Méto the Abominable Snowboy comic. It's all drawn in Manga Studio. I skip the pencil step, drawing/inking from roughs. I love this process, as I can undo a stroke quickly and try again, leading to loose and expressive line work. No Wite-Out needed, either - I can just erase the ink on my Magic Drawing Glass!


Méto & Jyoti

Character names for the adorable snowboy revealed! Méto is the adorable snowboy, but he's a bit out of sorts here... Every one needs to let off a little steam every so often, hey? I'm gonna be using a weird, bright-but-sometimes-subtle color palette for this comic. Lots of color knock-outs, colors to fit the mood of any given scene or panel. Here, our li'l Nepali kid, Jyoti is feeling the fear -

Just for grins, here's the line art of that Méto shot. No pencils, just straight with the pen tool in Manga Studio (okay, I used the eraser tool for a couple spots)....

I can't seem to stop drawing these guys. And this is just scratching the surface of their story and world.


More Nepali Kid & adorable snowboy

Still messin' in Manga Studio. Upgraded from the demo and acquired the full version. I'm sure I've but scratched the surface of this software, but this new comic I'm developing will be drawn digitally, using this program. I need to play more with coloring in MS, or may end up doing that in Photoshop. This kid has got a hold on me. He'll be the pal of the adorable snowboy. I drew this one at the Book Festival last weekend with a thick marker, colored today with Photoshop. Oh, there'll be more...


More Boy of Nepal

I'm falling in love with this kid. I'm pretty sure of his name. Honing in. It suits him. He's innocent, a little mischievous and sneaky. Sometimes scared, sometimes downright angry. Y'know, a human being. Can't get enough of drawing him. Which is a good thing, cuz it'll take a lot more sketches to fully develop and design the character.


Character Sketch: Nepali Boy

The initial sketch of an integral character for a new comic I'm developing: If it weren't for my daughter asking me what she should sketch (she didn't take my suggestion - so I drew it), Manga Studio and the influence of some comics by French artists (published by First: Second) this li'l guy wouldn't exist. I like him. Someday I'll tell you his name, who his pals are.