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Tag: mummy


Stolen Scary Monsters?

My artist pal, Brent Schoonover recently found this Halloween CD in his garage, recognizing the art... the cover art I did in '92 for a Look & Find Scary Monsters book.

I've not seen the CD package yet, so am not sure if the same publisher put both out. But more likely the art was appropriated by a third party without permission. In a way it's a tad flattering, but mostly this kinda thing drives artists crazy. In this case the original publisher owns the copyright to the image as I did the book as work for hire. Otherwise...this Hulk would be mad.


It's a Mummy, Baby!

Another in a series of mummy sketches. I slapped a little color on this one. Boy, I like that Photoshop chalk brush.


Baby Mummy

Not Billy Mumy, but the mummy of a Chachapoyan who didn't make it far in life. What's cuter than a creepy mummy baby?

Another mummy sketch tomorrow...


I Love Laura's Mummy

I really do! After 21+ years of marriage, I love my wife more than ever - she's a peach! But I also love this mummy my daughter, Laura drew last night. Thoughts of costumes, decorations and Halloween creepies are in the air, on the mind.

Sure, she swiped the brush I use for work from my drawing table (that's supposed to be off limits), but when she produces a cool, crazy mummy like this, who can get too mad?