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Two Alphabeasts: From Start to Finish

I couldn't find time to draw up my "G" Alphabeast til that week was nearly up, though it was one I'd been looking forward to for weeks. I finally drew and posted it just under the wire late Sunday night: G is for Gallu. Gallu are underworld demons from Mesopotamian mythology, beasts which haul off unfortunate victims off to the Realm of Death. Rather than drawing a single demon, the image that popped in my head immediately was a bevy of beasties below the surface in the dark, threatening the innocent above. My roughs/pencils were very loose... ...even more loose than I thought they'd be, looking back again. Yep, I inked from those squiggles, and perhaps I was able to because I did all the inks immediately and wanted to produce it quickly, saving most of the drawing for the inking stage. Which turned out like this: If I'd allowed myself more time or return to the piece to make a more finished art print, I'd vary the creatures more, change the composition slightly here or there. And what I'd envisioned as a single color for below the surface need a few spot colors added to separate and pop elements. I may darken the dirty purple, gradate from that color above to a deep, dark red below. For "H" I was able to complete on the day intended, as new Alphabeasts are technically due and best unveiled every Monday. Maybe my Babooon Monster, or Hihi is more baboon than monster, but he's pretty gnarly, I think. I used a small bit of reference, but only as a loose guide; I determined the angle and pose separately. Again, my rough is on the scant side, just enough to go on... I did most of my drawing in the inks, figuring details, shapes, approach and shadows on the fly. As much as I like the black and white line art (it stands on its own, I think), I already had a plan for the colors, which were fun to do. Double light source, cool from the left, warm from the right, a more neutral dark brown in the middle, with a bit of yellow, red, pink and magenta to pop the violent eyes and add some spice. Alphabeasts is a 26-week project, a blog where artists of all types and stripes contribute a mythical beastie any old way that suits them, as long as it's a new drawing or sketch of a creature whose name begins with the letter for that week. Check out a cornucopia of crazy creatures by an amazing array of artists at the Alphabeasts archive, and be sure to check in every Monday.


Google+ Artist Sketch Challenge

Where the Rainbow Ends creator Carsten Bradley kicked off this daily Artist Sketch Challenge on Google+ this week, tossing out one-of-a-kind weird and wacky themes for artists to go crazy with. I was so busy with work and family I didn't get to my two entries til Friday/Saturday, but gosh, they were fun to do!

From Cartoon Characters as Sea Creatures.


From Unsuccessful Monster Cereals.

I'm stumbling my way through learning  demo versions of Manga Studio and Sketchbook Pro the last ten days, still getting my bearings. I drew both of these in Manga Studio, but colored them in Photoshop, where I'm yet more comfy and familiar.

I'll be joining in the daily challenge as time allows and inspiration dictates. Carsten has a doozy of an idea for Monday he announced Saturday morning, so there should be plenty of offerings awaiting us all Monday morn. My take on it came to me in minutes.

Check in to view the funny and clever drawings, or if you're so inclined jump in and do some yourself! It's easy - just Circle Carsten, post your drawing on your G+ page/album, adding +Carsten Bradley to your text and he'll add your entry to the blog. C'mon - the more the merrier!