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Twins Scratch Game Shooting Board

Last month, I drew up some shooting boards for Unbelieveable, a commercial for Minnesota State Lottery featuring some former Minnesota Twins players and ex-head coach, Tom Kelly.

I met with the director (who'd flown in from California) Monday morning, drew the frames Tuesday in 4-5 hours, and they had a crew at Target Field by Thursday to shoot the spot. It was released March 12, only five weeks after I first snagged the job.

Based on a quick discussion with the director, I dashed out 27 frames to serve as a guide on set. Take a look at a sampling (below) of 2/3 of the group - some of the scenes did not make the final cut, most likely due to editing.




I always find it interesting to compare my rough frames to the finished spot. Though I would've loved to have more time to flesh these out, this was a quick, fun job!


The Snow Lay On the Ground

A view from the studio window, perhaps not an unexpected sight in Minnesota in October. But, perhaps it's time to take in the patio lounges and take down the volleyball net?


Minnesota MicroCon 2009 Photo Report

I had a fine time at another MN MicroCon comics show Sunday. I was pleased to visit with friends visiting from out of town once again, and to catch up so many good friends and artists from right here in the Twin Cities I don't seem to see often enough. Actually, I'm pleased I was able to stand upright, still on medication and healing after my recent accident.

My old Trollords partner and pal, Scott Beaderstadt was doing gangbusters business at the table next to mine, selling tons of art prints, sketches and original art.

He drove up from Chicago with our buddy, Keith, who runs one of finest comic shops in Illinois.

My daughter, Emily and renowned convention "Cookie Girl" had some drawing pointers for "Uncle Picklehead," but I'm not sure how receptive he was to the constructive criticism. Emily was hard at work the week before the preparing cookie batter, then baking up about 150 of her patented Funky Monkey Cookies, selling out of all four flavors.

Taking a walk around the show, we saw:

Booster Gold creator, artist and writer, Dan Jurgens surrounded by ardent fans...

...Irredeemable (Boom! Studios) artist Peter Krause and Gordon Purcell apparently in some sort of contest for the best Paul Lynde impersonation...

...Sam Hiti, best known for Lemony Snicket comics and the superb End Times: Tiempos Finales. Keep an eye out -- he has new books out in June...

...the unrelated Zander & Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic. Visit their site to learn about their myriad 2009 releases, and previous and upcoming projects.

...Scooby Doo scribe and City Pages Best Wrestler, Terrance "Spider-Baby" Greip...

...old pal, Prime co-creator Professor Len Strazewski...

...Matt Wendt and Becky Grutzik of Planet Doom Studios, and their alternately cute and bloody Peep comics, and other projects...

...and a cornucopia of costumed attendees:

Fun was had by all! I was juggling bedbugs beanbags, and from the looks of it, more than a little hopped up on Percocet:

See you all in the Fall!


MicroCon: Bedbugs Marbles

If you love comics, marbles & Bedbugs, then you should be at the Minnesota MicroCon today.  See you there!