MIX 2010

I had a lotta hot fun at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo, doing sketches, chatting with fans, friends and fellow artists, and selling lotsa comics, minis, books, buttons and marbles. I expected the crowd to be 20-something hipsters, of which there were plenty, but a lotta families showed up, too, so it was a good cross section and MIX of people.

A view from near my table of one of the three rooms/areas of the show. This was taken in the morning as the show began. A short time later and most of the rest of the day, these rooms were pretty packed.

It was a hot and humid day, and the small fan I brought along was little comfort, but somehow I did a buncha sketches, even if my sweaty arm occasionally stuck to the paper:

A quick Hellboy drawing I did in a collector's sketchbook.

I know, I'm weird. Big fan of spatulas. Never took any drugs, ladies and gentleman!

Many kids, parents and grandparents were drawn to my Night of the Bedbugs book, ABC minis, buttons and juggling beanbags, which was nice to see. A lotta new Bedbugs fans were made at this show, who I hope will follow up and LIKE the Bedbugs Facebook page or visit the bedbugsmania.com web site for games, vids and more.

Taking a break from doing a Micronauts' Baron Karza sketch for a photo by new acquaintance, and MCAD Artist in Residence, Jim Keefe.

Special thanks to MIX organizers Sarah Morean and Andy Krueger for doing a fine job kicking off this event. I'm already looking forward to next year.