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Tag: Manga Studio


What a Crockett


Crockett Johnson portrait. Five minutes in Manga Studio.



For my sketch warm-ups in Manga Studio today, I was going for simplification and an expressive line. All based on photos, I changed bits, enhancing features I wanted to play up, and removing/replacing elements I didn't care for. There's a limit to what one can learn from just copying photos.



Music Video Art: Creative Process

Here's one way I create my art and comics:

HRR_CLee_garage_process For this series, I did all the roughs and layouts in Photoshop. I move those into Manga Studio, where I tighten the pencils (if need be - this one didn't) and jump into the line art. Inking in Manga Studio allows me to work quickly and loosely - I just undo strokes I don't like, and try again. I export the line to Illustrator, Live Trace it and color away! Doing the final art as vector allows me to re-size as needed without any loss in resolution - if I want to do a large poster of any of these at a later date, it'll be no sweat.

Maybe that seems like a lot of bouncing around from program to program, but many times I'll pencil in Manga Studio, and color in Photoshop. Whatever the needs of the project, I'll do, and this process is still much faster than the time consumimg process I've used for traditional pencils and inks.

This one of about fifty pieces needed for a music video I'm working on. Some frames are less involved, some more. I'm more than half-way through, and I can't wait for you to watch the video!

In the meantime, check out song samples, or maybe pick up the Holy Rocka Rollaz CD pack - C'mon And Shine On!


Young Santa?

Young Santa? Another digital sketch with the Manga Studio brush. Here's a tight review of the new version of the software by comics auteur and one heckuva teacher, Eric Merced.

I used the same size setting for the brush for this one, limiting myself to that in an attempt to approximate using an actual brush. Of course, I'd have more options with a real brush, being able to push, twist, and tilt it to the side. I just didn't want to be switching brush sizes while drawing, but to execute as quickly and organically as possible. The more I draw with the Manga Studio brush tool, the less I find myself undoing marks as I go. But even when I do, it's quick with my left hand using keyboard shortcuts, and now feels like a natural part of the drawing process. Handy!



Exaggerated from photo reference, drawn with a brush tool in Manga Studio.


Dead Line, Live Line

Manga Studio. Magic Marker and Kabura pen, respectively.


Nepali Boy: Roughs to Inks

I haven't been sketching for its own sake the last couple weeks, obsessed instead with finishing the 15-page first chapter of my Méto the Abominable Snowboy comic. It's all drawn in Manga Studio. I skip the pencil step, drawing/inking from roughs. I love this process, as I can undo a stroke quickly and try again, leading to loose and expressive line work. No Wite-Out needed, either - I can just erase the ink on my Magic Drawing Glass!


Character Sketch: Nepali Boy

The initial sketch of an integral character for a new comic I'm developing: If it weren't for my daughter asking me what she should sketch (she didn't take my suggestion - so I drew it), Manga Studio and the influence of some comics by French artists (published by First: Second) this li'l guy wouldn't exist. I like him. Someday I'll tell you his name, who his pals are.


An Alligator Artistic Cycling

Alligator's Playing Obscure Sports! That was a recent topic from Carsten Bradley for his daily Artist Sketch Challenge. I did mine, an Alligator Artistic Cycling in Manga Studio, leaving the roughs in there to show process. I'd originally intended to have his mouth closed, sketched it with an open smile, then changed my mind back to closed. I left out his right hind leg to retain a clean line/curve to his tail, figuring we probably wouldn't see it anyway. I'd like to color this one up for fun - I'll post it on this blog when I get around to that.



After posting yesterday about enjoying sketching subjects other than superheroes, I got a sudden hankering to draw that crusty ol' Spidey villain, The Vulture.

I drew him up in Manga Studio and colored in Photoshop. Drop in at the Saturday Sketch Day blog to see the inks (click image there for larger view), as well as the weekly drawings of my Creative Compadres.