Li'l Santa

Thanks to U.S. publishers NBM and First Second Books, this last year I've been discovering some fantastic French cartoonists like Christophe Blain (Gus & His Gang), Fabrice Parme, and writer Lewis Trondheim. The latter two did the fabulous and funny Tiny Tyrant, about which I'll write more another time. I just finished reading my Christmas recommendation for this season, Li'l Santa, for which Trondheim teamed with artist Thierry Robin. Trondheim finds new situations and comedy in this tale of Santa, told entirely in pictures, thus:

Great cartooning, funny visual gags, and this is just the tip of the iceberg in a book that also features Santa's penguin, Feathah, The springy, bouncy Tigger-like elves, The Impies, The Snowmailmen, The scary Snow Dragon and Abominable the Snowman. These two also did a sequel, also well worth picking up, both available through our Blue Moon amazon store.

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