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Tag: Len Strazewski


Fractured Fables Anthology

I recently received my copies of the Fractured Fables anthology published by Jim Valentino at Image/Silverline Books. My contribution with Len Strazewski (script) and my wife, Mary (fellow colorist) is a twist on Washington Irving's Rip van Winkle called Pippi van Wrinkles. I'm very pleased by the printing and presentation, as well as the company we're in. It was reviewed very favorably in the Washington Times, as well as at Ain't It Cool News, so check out those if you need convincing.

Fractured Fables cover by Mike and Laura Allred

The artist skimming through the book

Pippi Van Wrinkles, page 1

The book is currently available in comic shops and on Amazon, and in fine bookstores everywhere in October.


Fractured Fables Preview

Here's a color frame (sans dialogue) from a Fractured Fables seven-page comic we're finishing this week. Image Comics/Silverline Books recently announced there will be a 32-page preview comic available for Free Comic Book Day, a primer for the larger anthology book due this Summer. I collaborated on the story with ol' pal, Len Strazewski, and am tag-teaming on the coloring with my wife, Mary, who's carrying most of the load in that regard. Our story won't appear in the free comic, but a sampling of the handful of other fine contributions that will can be viewed at this Fractured Fables article. I posted pencils to another panel from the comic on this blog previously. Now, I betcha can't guess which fairy tale we're retooling?


Fairy Tale Comic - Panel Preview

I'm having a blast with this fairy tale comic book story, collaborating with my old pal, gadfly, raconteur, man-about-town and writer, Professor Len Strazewski. Here's a preview panel in rough layout form, from a story that is one of many in a Fairy Tale Anthology book. More details as I'm able to share.

In this case so far, I've been working all digital, drawing right on my Cintiq screen, then doing the final lettering right away in Adobe Illustrator. I probably won't ink digitally, but will more likely instead blow up pages, printing the roughs/pencils in blue and inking traditionally with a brush. Then it'll be back to the computer for coloring.


Funny Fairy Tale Preview

I'm currently working on character designs and layouts for a new funny Fairy Tale anthology book, teaming again with writer and long-time pal Len Strazewski. More on the project and our part in it when the time is right. In the meantime, here are a few preliminary character sketches for the story.