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C'mon and Shine On with the Holy Rocka Rollaz!

Just released is a new album from The Holy Rocka Rollaz, and it sounds great! I did the art and design for the entire CD package, a six-panel fold out affair, which houses some fine '50s-style pop/rock inspired by the music of Buddy Holly, and others. It also features a couple hilarious novelty numbers, One Ball Daddy and Cindy Lee is a 38D (I'm working now on art for a music video for the latter - more on that at this blog, later).

Listen to song samples and order C'mon and Shine On from CD Baby, and check out the art, below. I'll post tomorrow about my creative process on this project.


Front cover


Lift the CD from the case, and see...


Four panels from the interior comic book-style liner notes (sans text), which chronicles the origins and evolution of the band and album:






The full cover spread

Rip the plastic wrap and it all looks like this:


Click image for short instagram video


Music Video Art: Creative Process

Here's one way I create my art and comics:

HRR_CLee_garage_process For this series, I did all the roughs and layouts in Photoshop. I move those into Manga Studio, where I tighten the pencils (if need be - this one didn't) and jump into the line art. Inking in Manga Studio allows me to work quickly and loosely - I just undo strokes I don't like, and try again. I export the line to Illustrator, Live Trace it and color away! Doing the final art as vector allows me to re-size as needed without any loss in resolution - if I want to do a large poster of any of these at a later date, it'll be no sweat.

Maybe that seems like a lot of bouncing around from program to program, but many times I'll pencil in Manga Studio, and color in Photoshop. Whatever the needs of the project, I'll do, and this process is still much faster than the time consumimg process I've used for traditional pencils and inks.

This one of about fifty pieces needed for a music video I'm working on. Some frames are less involved, some more. I'm more than half-way through, and I can't wait for you to watch the video!

In the meantime, check out song samples, or maybe pick up the Holy Rocka Rollaz CD pack - C'mon And Shine On!


The Holy Rocka Rollaz!

My pal, Mark Flora, for whom I've done album illustrations, and who played guitar and more for the most recent Bedbugs trailer, has assembled a new band, The Holy Rocka Rollaz! Over this past weekend, the band was out and about at a local car show, spreading the word and passing out CD samplers, which featured my art on the cover, in total Ratfink/Dragster mode.

The band provided me tons of good photo reference for the vibe and likenesses. There's still some tweaking and finessing I'll do on the art, as well as the type treatment, but this was good to go for their purposes early on as Mark and his gang lay the groundwork to set up gigs. The Holy Rocka Rollaz are a band that loves and pays tribute to early American rock 'n' roll, probably playing car shows, gigs events and even weddings by the Fall.

For your curiosity, I'm including here my initial and only sketch/pencil, done digitally, directly on the screen/computer. I printed it in blue and inked with a brush, scanning and coloring in Photoshop. I'll post updates about the band here at the blog, as well as the updated art when it's completed.