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Tag: Grace Kelly



Boy, Grace Kelly is tough to draw. I'm posting a few here, but sparing you some failed attempts. I went straight to ink with brush pen with these two: The main one isn't far off, but not quite there. The profile on top right looks more like Elizabeth Montgomery, but I like the drawing so included it anyway. Kelly has such a distinctive profile, I'll take another shot at that sometime. And she has such fine features, I gave it one more stab, this time in pencil (below) from an on-set photo during the shooting of High Noon.


Sketchbook: Dial M for yuMMM

After a crazy-busy week+ of drawing for work (all fun, if stressful), I took a bitty break to draw just me own self, spurred on by the Saturday Sketch-Day blog. I drew both in Photoshop with a pencil-brush, the first from a still photo from Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder. It's not his best, but well worthwhile, despite being derived from a stage play and filmed for 3-D. He opens it up, takes it outside where he can. There are some really suspenseful sequences, especially the murder scene with scissors! And Grace Kelly, as always is yummy! For the second sketch, I liked the admittedly skimpy outfit on a gal from a photo a grabbed for reference while on a job, but not her figure/pose. So I made up my own. I may color up the latter another time...