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Tag: Free Comic Book Day


Sketch Cards for Free Comic Book Day

While appearing at Westfield Comics in Madison, WI in early April for a Night of the Bedbugs signing and cartooning workshop, I whipped up a few sketch cards as part of prize packages awarded to raise money on Free Comic Book Day in May. It's always fun to draw my characters for comics lovers, and some of my favorite characters I don't get to draw much, like Hellboy. And it was for a good cause, so it's all good. We got a pic of three of the five I did. I can't even recall who else I drew!


Fractured Fables Preview

Here's a color frame (sans dialogue) from a Fractured Fables seven-page comic we're finishing this week. Image Comics/Silverline Books recently announced there will be a 32-page preview comic available for Free Comic Book Day, a primer for the larger anthology book due this Summer. I collaborated on the story with ol' pal, Len Strazewski, and am tag-teaming on the coloring with my wife, Mary, who's carrying most of the load in that regard. Our story won't appear in the free comic, but a sampling of the handful of other fine contributions that will can be viewed at this Fractured Fables article. I posted pencils to another panel from the comic on this blog previously. Now, I betcha can't guess which fairy tale we're retooling?