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Tag: fly


Emoto Music CD Cover

I just realized I never posted this image on the blog, my favorite of the three CD covers I did a few years ago for Emoto Music.

The first two covered the Who and What, but the third answers the question to some degree with Where, featuring not only their logo, but elements that are actually in their lobby, larger than life (the dragon fly, bowling pin and alligator). How'd you like to start work each day walking by those statues?


Penguin Moon

For today's Google+ Artist Sketch Challenge: Ways Penguins Fly.


Fly Died. Nosedive?

I spied from the corner of my eye a fly who'd died. Seemingly balanced on the tip of its head, this fly was kissing the sidewalk. Had it taken a nosedive? Nope. I moved a nearby figurine to get a better look and the fly lifted off. It was caught in a web. Passed time to clean the studio!