My Fanboy Letter to Jack Kirby and Devil Dinosaur

Oh...how embarrassing.

I wrote a few fan letters for some of my favorite comics in my day, including an impassioned plea to Marvel not to cancel Skull the Slayer, to Scott McCloud's ZOT!, Bill Loebs' Journey, among others. But this one to Jack Kirby and his Devil Dinosaur was spotted by a good friend some time back and has now surfaced online. The letters pages are even reprinted in the hardcover omnibus! I wish I could say I was younger than I was when I wrote this...


There's only way to say it?!?! Gosh, I was trying so hard to impress. What a doofus. I'd say my letter is very much stupid.


Issue 6, where my letter appeared, and #1, which I was writing about.


Moon-Boy really did make an impression on me, as I fashioned my own character, Demon Boy after Moon-Boy and Kirby's Demon. But that's another post for another day...