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Tag: Eclipso


TothPix: Ear Ache Effect

My Toth book review is further delayed as I'm stricken with a horrible ear ache which has really knocked me for a loop the last several days. At least I'm on antibiotics and have ear drops now, so I'm on the mend, but still a mess. The Ear Ache Effect!

A Toth panel from Eclipso's Amazing Ally (House of Secrets #63)

And on top of that, I've got a bad cold, too, so I'm drippy, sniffly, coughing, nose-blowy, weak and wobbly.

Another Toth panel from Eclipso's Amazing Ally (House of Secrets #63)

This too shall pass, yes?



TothPix: Reflection Pool

Today's Toth panel is taken from the Eclipso story, Hideout On Fear Island (House of Secrets #64 - DC Comics).

Though typical for Toth, it's striking because his approach is different from how so many artists would handle the same challenge. He obscures the face of the man to focus instead on the reflection he himself sees (and thus, us), again the main action and center of interest of the panel. Many would do a close up of the same shot, or show the face of the man and his reflection, but Toth does so much more.

He's created an wildly unorthodox and interesting composition, showing a thin sliver of shadow and background in the upper right, an huge expanse of negative space in the lower left. And with the curve of the horizon, he brings depth to the environment, showing the man's tracks leading to the small water hole. And though we see the man's body, Toth has foreshortened it in to create interest while keeping it secondary, not a distraction to the reflection.

All of this in service to the story. He doesn't over-dramatize, or show off with perfect feathering or concentrate on a superfluous vista. He just smartly and simply gets to the business at hand - and brilliantly so.

To view or download large scans, visit the Toth fan site.

More next week.

Update: Thanks to my ol' editor and long-time pal, Brian Augustyn for providing the same panel - he just happened to have black and white copies of the self same story: