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Tag: Easter


Sketchbook Month: Baby & Bunny Hug

Still in the Spring theme for another entry for Sketchbook Month. This one was drawn digitally on the Cintiq again, but with a different pencil/brush than I usually use. I'm pretty sure I'll ink and color this one up for Easter.


Easter Sculpies

The girls broke out the sculpy again this holiday, and made little decorative gifts for friends and family.

Emily made the detailed Eggs in a Basket, the magenta Easter Bunny and the Opposite Egg Basket on the far right. Laura fashioned the Three Little Chicks. Cute!

And here's Laura's little Curled Eared Bunny, which she presented to friends last night:

Li'l Mrs. Sweetheart got dolled up to pass out gifts on Easter morning. She loves to poof up the dress!

Happy Easter, every one!