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Exaggerated from photo reference, drawn with a brush tool in Manga Studio.


Drawing With Kids

I spent Saturday drawing with kids in the Children's Pavilion at the Twin Cities Book Festival. Tried to teach 'em a thing or two about cartooning, creating characters and stories. I learned from them, too. Always do.

All kids draw. Some don't stop.

At the Festival, some kids drew known characters, some created their own. Some scribbled abstract shapes and textures. Some were off on their own, others wanted some pointers. Others called out ideas and suddenly I was taking requests. It was fun! I drew some cartoons versions of some kids who stayed by the table a while, gave 'em a little memento.

It's funny, at an early age, kids draw free 'n' easy. The sky's the limit. There are no rules. In all my drawing sessions with kids, I try to encourage that. Sure, I offer tips, tricks, guidance and insight, but It seems a mistake to shackle young kids with too many boundaries and guidelines. There will be a time for that soon enough. At some point, if a kid keeps drawing, they're gonna put in a lot of hours, learn the rules before they can break them again.

Lots more pix of the day and event viewable for anyone at my Facebook page.


TothPix: On Inking

I've read this dozens of times - can't get enough.

Toth's right, I think. I'd been sucked into a myriad of inking/rendering techniques and tricks, trying over the years to strip my work of the stylized garnishments. But they crop up all the time - a tough habit to break!

Back to the drawing board/screen...!


The Line Game: Grizzled Cowboy

I rotated my line counter-clockwise for my cowboy, starting with this line... Of course, when I did this squiggle, I had no idea what it might end up being. Others did an old man face (not far from what I saw in it at first), others a parrot, a dancing lady, a shell.... You'd be surprised what folks see in each line! Do one of your own at the Line Game blog, hosted by artist, Carsten Bradley. You can rotate the line it any direction you'd like, just don't alter the original line otherwise. C'mon - it's fun!


Line Game Squiggle

Can you draw something - anything using this line? You can rotate it any direction you'd like, just don't alter the original line otherwise. Join in at the new Line Game blog, hosted by artist, Carsten Bradley. Here's one I did on Tuesday: Can you make out the original line? See it and other artists' sketches, then join in and have fun!