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Tag: Dave Letterman


Weezer on Dave

I know I said I wasn't gonna watch Letterman anymore, but tuned in a few times the week or two after his scandal broke for special guests and to watch the car crash. Lotsa awkward handshakes with women guests. I noticed Tom Hanks would appear and Weezer was gonna play so DVRed their appearance last Thursday. I fast-forwarded through Dave's monologue and Top Ten, skipping half the show. Hanks was funny, charming as always. Then Weezer rocked the joint with this appearance, Schaeffer's band joining in for the cherry on top. I like most of the new album, Raditude (not RaTitude as Dave repeatedly pronounced it) and this song from it, but this live version is magical. See another of their great vids, Pork and Beans, written about on this blog previously. Update: Their appearance the next night on Dave, another beaut, I'm Your Daddy, performed in Weezer Snuggies :


Creepy Dave

I was a fan since his first show, preferring Dave Letterman's talk show to anything else out there. He was goofy and smart, a throwback, paying homage to and following in the footsteps of Steve Allen, the true trailblazer and pioneer of the comedy talk show format. Just beneath the surface (and sometimes not so much), there was a bitter, weird and cruel edge to his monologues and interviews. As long as he kept it in balance and in check, things were good. And in the aftermath of 9/11, and after his surgery, marriage and birth of his son, he shone. Dave spoke with passion and common sense and empathy. His bitter edge had softened, while his comedy was still on the mark. But for some reason, that callous quality rose to the surface and took over. He's been brutal with those he interviews, unrelenting and merciless, especially to those he obviously disagrees politically, all while fawning over those he sees eye-to-eye. With no balance, his show became less entertaining, and the worst - less funny. Now with his latest revelation, it's not so much a surprise. He and his actions are nor nearly on the same level of creepy (his word) as that of Roman Polanski, but he's right, quite creepy. I'm going to find it hard to watch his show from now on, and haven't watched much the last several years anyway. Too creepy, Dave.