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Tag: costumes


MN SpringCon 2010

Had fun at the Minnesota 2-day SpringCon this past weekend. Sold Bedbugs books, sketches, buttons, etc. Heard some wonderful stories of kids who've already grown attached to the Night of the Bedbugs book. Also saw some fun folks in costumes and caught up with tons of friends and artists. Here are a couple fave pics. See more at my Convention Photo Album at Facebook.

Super Kiddie Friends Flash, Wonder Woman and The Huntress

Scott Beaderstadt (Uncle Picklehead), Emily and our new Totoro plush


Minnesota FallCon 2009 Costumed Heroes

A few highlights from the Costume Parade and competition at the comic book convention in Minnesota this weekend, both charming and scary:

Sister and brother get in on the act.

A fiery and muscle-bound Human Torch.

A Star Wars family affair.

Creepy Freddy.

Update: another pic snapped on Sunday at the show:

Young Iron Man, in a power pose!



No superhero character got into my brain as a kid and teen like Spider-Man did. I adorned my school folders and book covers and marker boxes with the very flexible hero. My room was covered with Spidey posters and paraphenalia - a clock, pillows, figures, etc.

There's something about the weird costume, the webbing and the red a blue that trips some synapse in my brain and makes it tingle, something of a spider-sense. The costume is a pain to draw, with all that webbing, and the elaborate curves throughout. But somehow the design is elegant and The design seems at odds with the character's name. One would think with a name like that, he'd be dark and scary and threatening, yet this uniform says something about the character, about the young man beneath the suit, an act of defiance against the sadness and awkwardness in his life. Instead of reacting with a grim focus and vengeance like The Batman, Peter Parker chooses to be bright and cheerful and...Your friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Update: 9/27/09 - After looking at this piece hanging in my studio the last five days, I decided it could use some more pop and punch. I'd initially figured a yellow webbing design within the circle border would be too busy. But I've added it, as we ll as yellow rim lighting, and violet underlighting. It's in keeping with co-creator Steve Ditko, who utilized the multiple light source on Spidey many times, especially on covers.