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I've been drawing a lotta Snowboy lately, so it's not a huge leap to do a snowman. Here's Olaf, done with marker and colored pencil, a sketch I did at our MN comic con last weekend. I'll do more of these - I have a nice stack of chip board.



Sketchbook Month: The Fly!

For old time's sake, I whipped up a quick sketch of The Fly. It's been nearly twenty years since I worked with Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck on that DC/Impact series. It's been gratifying to see the Parobeck Facebook page I started grow on its own. If you're a fan of The Fly or Parobeck , stop by and LIKE it, as there are lotsa links and an abundance of art there, some of which has appeared nowhere else previously.


FF: Got a Light?

Ben and Johnny were always fighting so often, I figure there must be times they got along.

Another sketch that will be available at the MN Fall Comic Convention this weekend.


Sunday Skywalker

Star Wars was first released in 1977 when I was 13. I wasn't a big science fiction fan, but walking into the theater as the movie was already playing, I knew what I was on the screen was like nothing I'd seen before. At that age, it was right in my wheelhouse and I became a Star Wars fanatic, seeing the movie multiple times that Summer.

All the stories I wrote and comics I drew were heavily influenced by Star Wars, for better or worse. I created a comic called Star Lords and drew tons of robots of varied shapes and names. I was enthralled.

I was about to start high school and for me that meant new freedom. Grammar school rules were more strict: no gum, no sneakers, no shirts with writing or images. That all changed in high school, so my wardrobe changed, too. I bought and had received tons of Star Wars items for my birthday and Christmas, and realized I owned five Star Wars shirts. This is the point, at 14, I started doing my own laundry, to ensure I had a different Star Wars shirt for each day of the week. I became known as the Star Wars expert, and a dork, what with my long hair and glasses.

After having attended many comic book conventions over the years I realize I'm a piker in terms of my Star Wars love and knowledge. Most anyone at the show would put me to shame in a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit challenge.

But even now when I pop in that DVD of Star Wars: A New Hope, it's like I'm in that theater for the first time again, entering a magical world, familiar yet fully new.


Hellboy Lighting San Cristobal

Another Hellboy sketch, this time in black and white, prepared for the MN Fall Con. This one's larger at 11x14 on vellum bristol board done with a larger Copic marker and the Pentel Pocket Brush.

For me, in drawing this, the small detail of the skull lighter was key.



It's Clobberin' Time!

Another con sketch, this one just found in a stack in the studio. Always fun to draw The Thing. So I've got a good stack of con sketches built up, but due to health issues had to cancel my appearance at the Kansas comic show tomorrow. So I'll save the sketches for the next show I do, or will figure another way to make them available.


Bigfoot Beside Himself, or...Primal Pissed PROOF

Pulling out the stops for one bent-out-of-shape Bigfoot, yet another sketch for the upcoming Kansas comicon.


Swamp Thing Sketch

I was surprised to find I still had this old convention sketch in the files, and pleased, as it was a favorite. As with most other sketches, it was done with black marker, colored pencil and white on colored paper. I was into Swamp Thing at the time, this being done shortly after the end of Alan Moore's seminal run on the title, his introduction to American comics, and what a coming out party!  He flipped the original concept on its head, helped revitalize the medium and reenergized the horror genre with mindblowing concepts and an expert and playful use of language. The art by Steve Bissette and John Totleben provides the perfect tonal compliment. I should pull those out and read again; it's been a while. And if you haven't read those stories before, you'll have chance with a new Swamp Thing collection I discovered is being released any day. These stories have been reprinted in black and white volumes previously, but this new release is in color, and at almost the same price. Order thru our Amazon Blue Moon Store at no extra cost to help support the blog.