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Tag: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund


Sketch Cards for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

I was pleased to be invited by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund current president and Beanworld creator, Larry Marder to draw up ten sketches for the Liberty Trading Cards series and fundraiser. It not only gave me a chance to contribute to a worth cause, but to draw my characters (Trollords and Bedbugs) and some of my favorites like the Bone cousins, Kevin Matchstick (from Matt Wagner's Mage), The Mask, Scott McCloud's Zot! and Larry's own Mr. Spook. Fun! These along with tons of other one-of-a-kind sketch cards by oodles of artists will be randomly inserted as one of three subsets in the 72-card deluxe series which tells the story of comics censorship. See more sample cards and learn more about the project at the CBLDF News Blog.


The Return of Megaton Man!

I've long been a fan of Don Simpson's Megaton Man, indeed since his debut in 1984. So I was pleased as punch when he and newly appointed President of the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), Larry Marder asked me to color a four-page story Don had done for the upcoming annual issue of Liberty Comics. Don considers himself retired from the comic book scene, focusing on teaching and working towards his MA in history of art and architecture and PhD. Still, when called upon to raise funds and defend the First Amendment, Don rose to the challenge and hasn't missed a beat. Indeed, not only is this piece his first and longest in years, it's also his best. It's like he never took the time off. So it was a pleasure for my wife, Mary and I to color away on his array of Bizarre Heroes, and contribute to the cause ourselves. Here's a sneak peek panel from one of many great stories by big name creators:

This panel also features fan faves Yarn Man, Rubber Brother and X-Ray Boy.

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2010, edited by Larry Marder with stories from various creators and covers by Jim Lee and Darick Robertson, arrives in stores on October 6, 2010 for $4.99.