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Tag: comic book conventions


MN SpringCon 2010

Had fun at the Minnesota 2-day SpringCon this past weekend. Sold Bedbugs books, sketches, buttons, etc. Heard some wonderful stories of kids who've already grown attached to the Night of the Bedbugs book. Also saw some fun folks in costumes and caught up with tons of friends and artists. Here are a couple fave pics. See more at my Convention Photo Album at Facebook.

Super Kiddie Friends Flash, Wonder Woman and The Huntress

Scott Beaderstadt (Uncle Picklehead), Emily and our new Totoro plush


Comics Women

It's been a good sign to see more women artists, readers and fans show up at each successive comic book convention the last several years. And they're not all in costumes, either...not that there's anything wrong with that. But with what has long been largely a boys club for decades, it's encouraging that the fan base and creative trends are broadening.

Perhaps it's because of those female artists who blazed trails over the last few decades, or the proliferation of fantasy literature and comics for girls and women the last few years. Whatever the cause or reason, it's a healthy sign for comics and reading in general.

Given the nature of my upcoming Night of the Bedbugs children's book release, many more women and Dads with kids approached my table, just as I'd like it. I'm not aiming in this regard for a small niche of fans interested mostly in dark subjects or superheroes. But even as I see improvements at comic book conventions, I can't wait to do appearances with Bedbugs books and juggling Bedbugs beanbags at libraries, classrooms and bookstores.

In the meantime, become a fan at the Bedbugs Facebook Fan Page.