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TothPix: Clint and Mac part 3

Making a return after a month hiatus from Toth Tuesdays due to an increasingly busy schedule, I'm picking up where last we left off, in the middle of page 8 of Alex Toth's Clint & Mac. As always, you can refer to and read in its entirety at Michael Sporn's splog.

There's this nice, large shot at the zoo in the middle of page 8, showing three main characters to the left, surrounded by an array of incidental characters. Great body language, folds and blackspotting here. A variety of textures are simply suggested throughout, including the impressionistic, Sickles-like rendering of the tress and bushes. And right near Clint & Mac, there's that turtle again...

The next page (9) is really sweet: great panel and page composition; a variety of angles; smart design, cropping and blackspotting; wonderful details on cars, buildings and inside the flat in the last frame. I blew out the color for this, as a couple minor elements were inexplicably colored a bright red, as you'll see, further below...

Toth opens the page with a wide establishing shot, the sidewalk edge creating the border of the lower left of the panel, Clint & Mac in the background on the right. It's all grounded with the solid black of the street surface. The vertical pattern on the gate on the upper right of the page balance the vertical stripes on a garment on the lower left of the page.

In these two panels from the middle tier (not facing panels), we see a couple nice overhead shots. Viewing Mac from above with his face obscured, we focus instead on his crouch and the card he's picking up. The angled of the sidewalk reinforce and carry through the angle above in panel 1. Strong shadows highlight the panel on the right, the building details picking up only some indirect light in the shadows. For coloring, it'd make more sense to have lightened the green of the truck catching light and using a mid-tone darker color in the background rather than that yellow. Ugh. The artist undermined!

Tons of detailed clutter in the final panel with various shapes, angles and  curves smartly knocked out in cool colors, Mr. Smith cropped by foreground elements, colored brightly to pop.

Smith is confronted by our heroes in these three panels forming the top tier of the next page (10). Smart composition, cropping and expression on Smith's face in panel 2. Love it!

Toth closes the page with a cool overhead of the boys and that car, the shadows of which bleed into the black of the street. Great juxtaposition of positive/negative space. The final two panels couldn't be simpler, but serve the story as we focus on the lock from the inside of the vehicle. and we see these boys so much in the story, it's nice to break things up and go with a silhouette in the last frame.

Next week: To the leather goods shop!



I'd been wanting to do this piece for a good long while.


Minnesota FallCon 2010

I had a blast at the one-day FallCon Saturday, doing sketches, selling Bedbugs books & stuff, and hanging with my daughter, Emily, who sold out of her famous Funky Munky Kookies (over 180 cookies)! The hall was jam-packed and hopping from 10-4!

As usual, we caught up a bit with ol' pals both from the Twin Cities and out of town, sitting next to and chatting up Zander Cannon, Cedric Hohnstadt, Cory Carani, ol' Trollords collaborator Scott Beaderstadt and Keith Anderson (owner of Chicagoland Keith's Comics).

It was a pleasure to meet and talk with long-time animator, Joel Seibel, who's worked on Spider-Man, Smurfs, Angry Beavers, Pinky & the Brain, Scooby Doo and way too many cartoons to mention. Later in the day, Joel gave a bunch of young artists a cartooning lesson.

We met a lot of fine and fun folks, among them kids in costumes:

Supergirl Anna

Robin & his sidekick, Batman

View more pics at my Facebook page and even more at the official MCBA page. And start making plans to attend the 2-day show in May, 2011 to be held again in the MN Fairgrounds Grandstand. The best, good ol' fashioned comics shows on the planet!


Hellboy in my Head

I woke up with this Hellboy image in my head, so I drew it up quick on colored paper with marker, colored pencils and wite-out on 9x12 pastel paper. I'll have it for sale at the MN Fall Con, October 10 & 11.


Con Sketch: Obi Wan

Another sketch I'll have with me at the comicon in Kansas next weekend:

I haven't watched any Star Wars in several months, but seem to have New Hope on the brain when it comes to sketches.


Minnesota MicroCon 2009 Photo Report

I had a fine time at another MN MicroCon comics show Sunday. I was pleased to visit with friends visiting from out of town once again, and to catch up so many good friends and artists from right here in the Twin Cities I don't seem to see often enough. Actually, I'm pleased I was able to stand upright, still on medication and healing after my recent accident.

My old Trollords partner and pal, Scott Beaderstadt was doing gangbusters business at the table next to mine, selling tons of art prints, sketches and original art.

He drove up from Chicago with our buddy, Keith, who runs one of finest comic shops in Illinois.

My daughter, Emily and renowned convention "Cookie Girl" had some drawing pointers for "Uncle Picklehead," but I'm not sure how receptive he was to the constructive criticism. Emily was hard at work the week before the preparing cookie batter, then baking up about 150 of her patented Funky Monkey Cookies, selling out of all four flavors.

Taking a walk around the show, we saw:

Booster Gold creator, artist and writer, Dan Jurgens surrounded by ardent fans...

...Irredeemable (Boom! Studios) artist Peter Krause and Gordon Purcell apparently in some sort of contest for the best Paul Lynde impersonation...

...Sam Hiti, best known for Lemony Snicket comics and the superb End Times: Tiempos Finales. Keep an eye out -- he has new books out in June...

...the unrelated Zander & Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic. Visit their site to learn about their myriad 2009 releases, and previous and upcoming projects.

...Scooby Doo scribe and City Pages Best Wrestler, Terrance "Spider-Baby" Greip...

...old pal, Prime co-creator Professor Len Strazewski...

...Matt Wendt and Becky Grutzik of Planet Doom Studios, and their alternately cute and bloody Peep comics, and other projects...

...and a cornucopia of costumed attendees:

Fun was had by all! I was juggling bedbugs beanbags, and from the looks of it, more than a little hopped up on Percocet:

See you all in the Fall!


MicroCon: Bedbugs Marbles

If you love comics, marbles & Bedbugs, then you should be at the Minnesota MicroCon today.  See you there!